Are you moving into a new commercial building? Or maybe you’re a developer, starting on some new construction. Whatever it is, Eggers Electric can make sure that building is move-in or build-phase ready. Whether it is new lighting or a remodeled office, we can help!


We not only build electrical plans but we also can help you decide on the best design depending on the size of the building, what you are using it for, etc. Enlist our expertise to help you design and build your next commercial project.

New Construction

Are you a developer starting on a new, commercial construction site? Eggers Electric has the expertise to ensure that building is properly wired and ready to open.

Tenant Finish

If you’re moving your business into a new building, you may need the services of a trained electrician to finish the electrical installation, wiring or re-wiring to match your electrical appliances and systems. Our Loveland CO electricians can finish that process for you so you can move into your new space.


Does your office lighting need to replaced or updated? At Eggers Electric, find electricians who take care of your needs quickly and effectively. Ask about our lighting upgrades and rebate info further explain.

Remodel & Additions

Is the office getting a remodel or are you adding to it as you grow? Our electrical service can ensure everything is correctly wired to prevent short-circuiting or electric shock.

Generator Installations & Back-up Systems

We know that large office buildings need back-up systems and generators in case of a power outage. We can make sure the generator is in the best spot to produce the most consistent power in that time of need. Call today for design


Are you just getting an idea of how much a job would cost? Call us today and we can give you a fair estimate based on our electrical services!

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