Our electrician services go beyond enclosed buildings. We can advise and provide the proper lighting to light that show arena, around and inside the barn or whatever other electrical ranch needs you might have. When working with animals, we realize lighting is extremely crucial to ensure your safety!


We all know LED Lighting has overcome the market. There are more options and better options than the big box stores. LED can be used in almost all situations.

Motor Control

No matter the complexity of the motor control, Eggers Electric can ensure the wiring is correct and that there is enough power for the performance of that electric motor because of the expertise of our commercial electrician.

Generator Installation & Back-Up Systems

At your farm, generators and back-up systems are crucial for the safety of your family and your livestock. Make sure you have the right generators for all your back-up power needs and that your generator is wired correctly to provide for you in your time of need! We provide emergency electrical services as well. 


Are you trying to decide on the best option and need some estimates for electrician prices? Don’t hesitate to request electricians needed for your project to give you the best estimate.

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