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Choosing the Right Electrical Contractor in Fort Collins: Tips and Considerations

Choosing the Right Electrical Contractor in Fort Collins Tips and Considerations

If your lights are flickering, electric wiring is sparking noises, and your electric power is lost (hopefully not all on the same day), you do not have time to invest in looking for the right electrical contractor in Fort Collins. But making a quick decision about the electrical contractor you employ could result in more electrical issues down the road.

Electrical Contractor in Fort Collins

You need to choose the right electrician in Fort Collins whose services you can trust and who diagnoses & resolves your electrical issue quickly and safely. Be it an electrical remodeling, wiring, or rewiring, an electrical panel upgrade, an electric thermostat installation or fixation, electrical meter maintenance, or other services, you need an experienced electrical contractor.

We know that price matters while making your decision, but it should not be the main deciding factor. Sometimes electrical contractors offer the lowest possible price over the phone, but then they add extra charges once they get to your home and diagnose the electrical issue.

So how do you choose the right electrical contractor for your home or commercial space in Fort Collins? Here are some effective tips and considerations to help you make your decision:

1. Make Sure Your Electrician Is Licensed & Insured:

This goes without saying but it is the crucial factor in choosing the right electrical contractor so bears repeating. Before hiring, first off ask if they are licensed and verify their liability insurance to avoid the risks of potential accidents or damages that may happen during the project.

2. Inquire about How Long They Have Been in Business For

Undoubtedly, you want an electrical contractor with the most experience performing electrical fixations, installations, or repairs on your home, just like you would with most services. An electrical company with decades of experience is probably well-known and employs skilled electricians. Thus, you have lower chances of any electrical risk or damage in the future as they promise quality results.

3. Ask for Written Estimate & Compare Quotes

A reputable electrical contractor often would not provide you an estimate until they have thoroughly diagnosed the electrical issue in your home or commercial space.  Once such issue has been evaluated but before any fixation or solution is performed, ask for a written & detailed estimate that includes labor, costs, materials, and project timelines. You can use this estimate or quote to compare with other electricians available in Fort Collins to make a wise decision.

4. Check Reviews and References

Do not base your choice just on the electrical company’s website or ads. The Internet forces businesses to be open and honest about their offerings, which is a very positive thing nowadays. If an electrical contractor offers shoddy job, a quick Google search will expose previous customers’ experience. Moreover, you can check other famous review sites like Yelp, plethora of local business listing sites of Fort Collins, electrical contractor review websites for reviews from their previous or old customers. 

Make sure to consider only those review sites that compile both positive and negative customer reviews regarding neighborhood electricians or electrical contractors nearby you. Just keep in your mind one things that the more input an electrical firm receives, the more accurate the overall evaluation of their services will be.

5. Compare Competition in Fort Collins

While looking for the right electrical contractor in Fort Collins, you might not be very knowledgeable about it, but you should know how to choose an electrical company that goes above and beyond the expectations of its competitors. Also verify whether the company has received any awards that have been chosen by the clients or the electrical industry. However, examining whether the electrical contractor participates actively in the community or frequently posts information online is another excellent way to know about their services.

6. Personal Referrals

Find out from your friends, neighbours, and coworkers if they recommend a local electrical company or if they have a favourite electrical contractor throughout the Fort Collins. Getting good recommendations or referrals from someone whom you trust can help you to find a hidden gem in your area.

7. Professional Referrals

Never hesitate to seek for a recommendation from your plumber, construction worker, or other professionals or service providers. They usually aware about who is the top electrical contractor in your area, and there are the chances that you might be able to get a discount if you mention their name as a reference!

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In addition to having these glowing and positive reviews from our previous customers on our site and other review sites, Eggers Electric is one of the few well-known electrical contractors in Fort Collins, Colorado (CO) that offers genuine prices for best quality electrical services. For most of the home jobs or commercial jobs, genuine estimated costs and detailed description has been provided on our website’s different services page.

We are happy to schedule an appointment, analyse the requirements of a project on your location (whether it is residential or commercial), and create a genuine job price. You can make an informed decision based on our experts’ reliable and professional advice.

So, do not settle for anything mediocre or subpar than the best! When you call Eggers Electric, you can relax knowing that the top electrical contractor in Fort Collins will take care of all your electrical needs and emergencies.


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