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Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting: Tips and Trends?

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Outdoor lighting can be a tricky thing to get right. Too much light, and you’re wasting energy; too little light, and you’re not getting the most out of your outdoor space. To help make sure you’ve got the right balance between function and style, here are some tips and trends to consider when selecting outdoor lighting for your Fort Collins, CO home.

Tip 1: Be Mindful of Your Environment: The first step in choosing the right outdoor lighting is to consider your environment. Think about factors such as weather, climate, and foliage that can affect how light is used outdoors. Does your space get a lot of sun during certain times of the day? Is it exposed to winds or other elements that can cause lights to flicker or turn off unexpectedly? Knowing these details will help you make decisions on the type and number of fixtures needed.

Tip 2: Choose Durable Fixtures: Since outdoor lights are constantly exposed to harsh elements like wind, rain, and snow, they need to be strong and durable enough to withstand them all. Look for fixtures made of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and brass that won’t corrode easily. In addition, make sure you choose a bulb that can withstand the elements too – LED bulbs are known to be the most durable.

Tip 3: Consider Your Style: Of course, the most important factor when choosing outdoor lighting is making sure it works with your overall style. Look for fixtures that will complement your home’s architecture or landscape design and match it with a light fixture that complements its look. You can also consider other decorative touches such as string lights or candles to help create a more inviting atmosphere.

Tip 4: Think About Efficiency: Consider your energy efficiency needs. LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient option when it comes to outdoor lighting – they require less electricity and last longer than traditional bulbs. Solar-powered lights are another great option as they provide light without using any additional energy at all.

Tip 5: Automation: Automation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to save time and money when it comes to outdoor lighting. Motion sensors and timers allow you to set a schedule for your lights – they come on automatically at certain times of day, or when motion is detected. This can help keep your energy bills low while still providing plenty of light.

Tip 6: Choose the Right Dimmer: Dimming your lights can be a great way to save money and create a more inviting atmosphere. Look for dimmers that are compatible with your light fixtures so you can adjust the brightness easily.

Tip 7: Consider Directional Lighting: When designing an outdoor lighting plan, it’s important to consider how the direction of light affects its overall effect. Up-lighting, down-lighting, and side-lighting are all effective ways to highlight different features of your outdoor space.

Tip 8: Safety First: Finally, safety should be your number one priority when it comes to outdoor lighting. Make sure that all of your fixtures are properly secured and that any cords or wires are tucked away from harm’s way. This will help ensure everyone can enjoy the outdoors without worry.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect outdoor lighting for your Fort Collins home. With the right combination of style, efficiency, and safety features in place, you’ll have a backyard space that looks great day or night!

At Eggers Electric, we take outdoor lighting seriously. We understand the importance of having a good plan and choosing fixtures that best suit your space. Our team is here to help you create an outdoor lighting design that meets all of your needs and fits within your budget. Contact us today at (970) 669-1883 to learn more about our services!


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